You can find on this page the Kiev transport map to print and to download in PDF. The Kiev transportation map presents the transports network and transport zones of the transit of Kiev in Ukraine.

Kiev transports map

Map of Kiev public transports

The Kiev transport map shows all means of transportation in Kiev. This transports map of Kiev will allow you to move easily with public transport of Kiev in Ukraine. The Kiev transportation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Public transportation in Kiev includes the metro (underground), buses, trolleybuses, trams and funicular. The metro is continuously expanding towards the city limits to meet growing demand, while the other kinds of public transport are not as well maintained. In particular, the public bus service has an unreliable schedule. Public electric trolleybus and tram lines as you can see in Kiev transport map are more reliable, but have aged equipment and are underfunded. The historic tram system, which once was a well maintained and widely used method of transport, is now gradually being phased out in favor of buses and trolleybuses. The taxi market in Kiev is expansive but not adequately regulated. In particular, the taxi fare per kilometer is not regulated. There is strong competition between private taxi companies.

One unusual mode of public transportation Kiev has is the funicular as its mentioned in Kiev transport map, that climbs up the steep right bank of the Dnieper River. It transports 10,000–15,000 passengers daily. All public road transport in Kiev is operated by the united Kyivpastrans municipal company. It is heavily subsidized by the city as large groups of passengers (pensioners, etc.) are granted free service on its lines. The Kiev public transport system uses a simple tariff system regardless of distance travelled: tickets for ground transportation must be purchased each time a vehicle boarded. Discount passes are available for grade school and higher education students.

Pensioners use public transportation free. Monthly passes, which are sold at the price of 60 rides, are also available in all combinations of public transportation: metro, bus, trolley and tram (see Kiev transport map). Recently, privately owned minibuses, marshrutkas, have appeared on Kiev streets. They provide good coverage of smaller residential streets and have convenient routes. Minibuses take fewer passengers, run faster, stop on demand and are more available, although with an increased frequency of accidents. Ticket price and itinerary of private minibuses are regulated by the city government, and the cost of one ride, while higher than on public buses, is still far lower than in Western Europe.